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8.30 am/12.30 pm 

8.40 am/12.40 pm 
 (talking about what activities they will be doing 
and looking at the weather)

8.50 am/12.50 pm 
Exercises, free flow activities around the room 
and to outside area, including daily projects and table top choices, 
painting, water play, sand etc. as well as computer, letters and sounds and group work, covering all curriculum areas.

10 am/2 pm 
Snack available from this time. 
Free play, large equipment, songs etc.

10.55 am/2.55 pm 
Tidy-up time.

11.05 am/3.05 pm
Story/phonemes/songs/circle time.

11.20am/3.20 pm 
Going home bears/coats on.

11.30 am/3.30 pm 
Home time.

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